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What Is A Reading Journal? Revealing The Benefits Of Keeping A Reading Log.

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

If you're a book lover, you know the joy of getting lost in a good story. But keeping track of all the books you've read can be a challenge. That's where a reading journal or book journal comes in.

So, what is a reading journal?

A reading journal is a place you can keep track of your reading, and it can also serve as somewhere to jot down your thoughts, favourite quotes, and more. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of reading, and of creating your own book reading journal.

What is a reading journal blog image. Reading glasses on top of a novel
'It's a great blessing if one can lose all sense of time, all worries, if only for a short time, in a book' - Nella Last. Photo by @jackson_films

What are the benefits of reading?

Reading is a wonderful activity that provides numerous benefits whatever your age. Whether you prefer fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, here are some of the ways that reading can benefit you:

  1. Mental stimulation: As you read, you learn new words, ideas, and concepts that challenge your mind and stimulate your imagination.

  2. Reduces stress: Getting lost in a good book can help you to forget about your daily stresses and give your mind a break.

  3. Increased empathy: Reading can help you to better understand the feelings and perspectives of others. As you read about characters in different situations, you can develop greater empathy and compassion for others.

  4. Improved vocabulary: Exposure to new words and phrases can help you to communicate more effectively and express yourself more clearly.

  5. Enhanced knowledge: Reading can help you to learn more about different subjects and topics. Whether you're interested in history, science, or culture, there are countless books available to help you deepen your understanding of these subjects.

Overall, reading is a wonderful way to improve your mental health, expand your horizons, and learn new things. So why not make it a part of your daily routine?

What is a Reading Journal?

A reading journal is a log where you record the books you've read, along with any notes, thoughts, or reflections you have about the books. It can be a fun and rewarding experience. When you read a lot of books, it can be easy to forget what you've read and the details of each book. By keeping a record of your reading, you not only remember what you read, but you also have a record of your literary journey.

What do you write in a Reading Journal?

Creating your own book or reading journal is easy. You can use a plain notebook and customise it to your liking, or you may prefer to use a structured reading log to keep track of your reading. These logs often include fields for the title of the book, the author, the date you started and finished reading the book, and any thoughts or notes about the book. You could also record your reading goals, your book wish list, and a list of your favourite books. You may want to give each book a score out of e.g. 5 or 10 which will help you to look back and see which books you enjoyed the most. Some people like to jot down their favourite quotes or passages from a book as well.

Book Inspired Gifts

Now, let's talk about some literary gifts that are perfect for book lovers. If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves to read, there are many options to choose from. Here are a few ideas:

  • A book reading journal: Give the gift of a beautiful journal where the reader can record their thoughts and reflections about the books they've read.

  • Literary-themed coasters or art work: These often feature quotes from famous books and are perfect for book lovers who also love to entertain. Bookishly has a great range of literary art prints.

  • A book subscription box: There are many book subscription boxes available, where the recipient will receive a new book (or books) each month along with other book-related goodies.

  • Bookmarks: These bookmarks may be illustrated, or you can find bookmarks which are customised with the recipient's name or a favourite quote.

  • Book-scented candles: There are many candles available that are inspired by the scents of books. These are perfect for creating a cozy reading atmosphere. The Library Scented Leaves candle by True Grace is one lovely example. It evokes the feeling of walking into a library with the scent of leather-covered books.

I hope this inspires you to create your own reading journal. It really is a great way to keep track of your reading and reflect on the books you've read. And if you're looking for a gift for a book lover, there are many options to choose from. If you have been inspired to purchase your own reading journal you can use the code BOOKLOVER at checkout for 10% off anything in our book lover gifts section.


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